The Start of Something Special?

I have always fancied myself as a photographer.  I was 17-years of age when I bought my first camera, I was working and living with my aunt and uncle at the time.  Aunt always had a Kays Catologue in the house and the Spring edition of 1984 had a Praktica SLR kit (can’t remember the model) complete with 35mm and 110mm screw-mounted lenses.  I think it cost me something like £95 to buy, paid off at a fiver a week for 20 weeks or something like that!   Anyway that was my first dip into photography. I lived fairly close to the hills and moorlands of the Pennines –  I still do albeit in the completely different location – and thus was the possibility of trips into the hills to take some landscapes which I soon found myself doing…

Well that was then and here I am 31-years later, armed and dangerous with my collection of Fujifilm X-series camera’s and a passion to go out into the world and record forever those magical moments, frozen in time by the camera.  These days, I love working out on the street.  While landscape still holds some thrill for me, ironically – having spent some considerable time looking to escape from the ‘smog’ – I now find I am drawn back to it by the sheer scale and vibrancy of life contained within it. Being Manchester born and bred, and being as that fair city is probably my closest – maybe Leeds is, but lets not have that debate! – I find myself there many a Saturday afternoon, wondering the streets, looking and waiting for those images to come in front of the lens.

So, this blog will be used to record my work and my passion.  Every good, bad and infuriating aspect of my work…  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy creating the images and experiences that feed it…


*Update 17/01/2016…  I have changed the featured image here because this photograph, captured under Lytham Pier in September 2012 is arguably the one which re-enthused me to the hobby of photography once again after a hiatus of some years…


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