There is something about the photographic image that can reveal the relationships we have with one another and that the photographer has with both his camera and his subject.  I believe the photographic image has the power to convey all the joys and sorrows of life as they play out before each one of us as individuals and collectively.  From the great and powerful to the small and mundane, the photographer has, for the past 150-years at least, been at the heart of capturing those moments that time and posterity have since handed down to us all.  I wonder how many images have been created in that time that demonstrate the everyday effect of simple human engagement with one another?

In my own work, as somebody who enjoys capturing the candid moments of and between people, I take particular pleasure when an image comes out of my camera where that sense of human interaction is open, honest and apparent. Great dramatic vistas and events, VIP’s et al, fine… but actually the simple eye-contact or facial expression of the everyday subject is yet still greater…. at least in my eyes because I can relate to it. Interestingly, I find that my best images of people are made when I find some common connectivity with them.  Images where I have, in some manner or way, developed or responded to, some sort of ‘link’.  There is no sense of being simply the independent impartial observer and recorder of somebody else’s existence but rather being a fellow-player in the unfolding narrative of the lives I am seeing through my viewfinder.

This image shows two of my friends in a cafe in Southport, enjoying a sit down and a brew.  The image ordinary and intimate and I like it, and that’s all that really matters.


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