People and Places

There is something about capturing people and places in the art of photography quite unlike any other form of image creation, and I guess that is something to do with the immediacy of the captured image; a brief moment of time, maybe as little as 1/4000th of a second, frozen forever, or for at least as long as the image exists in it’s digital or printed format. Also, I love the intimacy often found within photography, in particular within ‘candid portraiture’ photography.  So not only the moment of time but also the natural expressions of face and posture and also, in some sense, the thoughts and feelings of the subject…

This is Dorothy.  I have known her for many years and a kind and decent human being she is. I was doing some photography one day in Colne in Lancashire when I bumped into her serving tea at ‘The Citadel’; a drop-in centre set up in the town by some local Christians.  Dorothy was chatting away with others as I stood back a little and captured this image of her.  She was, I think, quite unaware of my camera – always a bonus in street and candid photography – and that enabled me to capture her relaxed and quite lacking in any self-consciousness. It’s a pleasing image, lacking a little sharpness perhaps but nonetheless nice, a moment of a persons life seen through the lens and captured maybe forever…


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