The Great British Weather

Here is an image I made this weekend… the story sums up both the frustration and unexpected opportunities the great British weather throws up to your average photographer….

I had been looking forward to a street shooting session in my local town at the weekend… Christmas is fast coming upon us and across the nation towns and communities like mine are gearing up and attempting to promote themselves as nice places to shop in this age of Amazon, E-Bay and the on-line shopping ‘experience’.

Colne, located high in Lancashire’s Pennine hills, is no different therefore to many others.  Always a marvelous little town, at Christmas it has really started to make an effort to draw in the shoppers and so it as on Saturday last when the big Christmas lights ‘switch-on’ was scheduled along with street stalls and varied entertainment for the masses!

Then the weather intervened.  Christmas is all well and good, but unfortunately, it occurs in winter and therefore the weather at any outdoor event will always be a lottery – that is, more of a lottery than is even usually the case!   To put it bluntly, it lashed it down, as we say in these parts, ‘cats and dogs’ and the kitchen sink thrown in as well.  Add to that the wind – gales and that for a town located as high in the hills as ‘bonny’ Colne is, well…

I was sat in the coffee shop when the ‘fun’ started and my first thought was essentially, “drat, there goes another chance to do some photos”. However I find when I am challenged to find something to shoot, then I find something.  Of all things, it was the weary and wet shoppers on the street often walking past the shop window and on occasion, as here, gazing inside that made for some nice photography… I like the way the little lad is staring into the shop, probably think he’d like to be inside himself…

You can see more images on the side bar gallery ‘Light & Life 4: Abstracts’



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