Jasinta & Dido

My first wedding commission arrived at the request of a colleague from work last summer… her God-Daughter Jasinta was “finally tying the knot” with Dido and would I do the photography please?  Well of course I would!  Having always been averse to the idea of of spending every Saturday asking the ‘mother-in-law to stand there please’ I had nonetheless over the past few months studied the candid wedding photography style of photographers such as Kevin Mullins and was very attracted to the idea of giving that a go. Having invested some cash in an Fuji X-Pro1 and a couple of decent lenses, I was happy to have the chance to try and create some pleasing images for my friends family on their special day…

Well the weeding day was set for mid-December 2015, so I was hardly expecting sunshine and warmth and I was right not to!  It was dull, cold and cloudy.  Added to that both of the main venues for my shooting, the brides home and the wedding venue itself were somewhat dark – particularly the venue which was in fact a working men’s club with no windows at all!  So while the X-Pro1 and my 35mm f/1.4 are excellent in low-light conditions, they were still being pushed to the limits all day long.

That said, i enjoyed the challenge and managed I think to create some lovely images of the day in the candid style I was hopping to achieve and I think this image of the bride and her daughter capture that quite well. Certainly everybody present was very helpful and kind to me and apart from a somewhat startled groom who wouldn’t let me into his house for some pre-wedding pictures (a communication breakdown I think!) everything went well.  The venue shooting was difficult.  Quite apart from the near-darkness, the place was also festooned in Christmas decorations of which the least said the better!

So what did I learn from the experience?   Well, certainly having a pre-wedding chat with the bride and groom to be would be helpful!  I knew that anyway and due to the somewhat complex dynamics of this wedding that proved impossible but for the next one…  Also, a bit of venue reconnaissance would not go-a-miss, again something I was aware of but was unable to do.  Oh yes, bring an allen key…  I brought my flash unit, the very capable Fuji EF-X20 but alas I had retrofitted a thumb support to the X-Pro1 and only realised it wasn’t coming off without the allen key when it was too late!  Although I’m not really a fan of flash, it would have been useful in these circumstances.

You can see a gallery of images from this wedding ‘Jasinta & Dido’ on the side bar…



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