Welcome To My New Website!

We I have finally sorted out a new webpage for Light & Life Images: The Photography of Martin Murray.  And here it is!  I will be positing all sorts of things on here as time moves forward, images obviously, portraits, weddings, events and my landscape and street work. Additionally, I will continue to post blogs, my insights into the art of ‘drawing with light’ and my thoughts and experiences as I move ever closer over the next chapter of my life towards a career in photography.

I would of course, very much like you to come aboard with me so please click the follow button and feel free to make comments and post links if you like.

My current website will continue to operate to June 2016 when I will shut it down, but I will not be adding any further images to it.

Also follow me on Twitter at @martspic66

Anyway, that’s all for now… add me at martinmurrayphotography.com  and stay in touch!




2 thoughts on “Welcome To My New Website!

    1. Cheers John. I think the beauty of the X-series is that they have introduced a whole new generation of photographers to the joys so what in some senses is very old-fashioned, even ‘classic’ photographic tools albeit with some of the most advanced modern technology thrown in for good measure! Anyway,enjoy your Leica’s, they are beautiful cameras in their own right.


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