Respect Please…. And Don’t Judge..!

Fujifilm X-M1, 27mm f/8, 1/400th sec, ISO-800.  Post edit conversion to monochrome and blurring effect then added.

Manchester 23/01/2016.

I was out in Manchester centre in January when I captured this image.  Oddly enough when i found the image on my memory card later that evening i was a little taken aback because i had no recollection of actually capturing it!  I was I think holding the camera at waist level and probably quite randomly ‘shooting from the hip’ and was therefore quite unplanned and all-the-more pleasing overall for that.   Anyway when i looked at it closely once home I noticed the the girl in the centre of the image was holding a placard stating a wish that people shouldn’t judge her, that she was an ordinary person in need of housing and sufficient money to see here through each day.

It seems to me we live in a very divided society where the ‘haves’ and the ‘have not’s’ live side-by-side in one sense but inhabit wholly different worlds in another; one world of wealth increasing and the other of wealth evaporating through government-imposed ‘austerity’, a itself a measure designed to appease the rich.

And at the bottom of the pile of ‘have not’s’ are the homeless of our cities and towns. Surely it is time to put an end to this national scandal once and for all.  That a clearly bright and thoughtful young woman such as this should find herself in this predicament brings shame upon all of us.  It’s time to act on the issue.  However, in the meantime, lets all take the opportunity to act upon her wish, to simply assist her and not to judge…



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