Pinhaw Sunset

March 7th 2016, Pinhaw Fell beacon in Lothersdale, North Yorkshire. The sun sets to the west as Pendle Hill broods in the distance behind the trig point atop Pinhaw.

Fujifilm X-M1, Samyang 12mm @ f/8, 1/50th sec, ISO100.

This was my first attempt with my new Samyang 12mm lens.  It’s a very beautiful piece of kit to be fair and I had been waiting for an opportunity to use it since I bought it 2-weeks earlier.  I had noticed the potential for a nice sunset as I drove home from work this evening and after quickly changing I drove up to the local peak to the beacon site on Pinhaw Fell in Lothersdale and waited for the sun to set and the sky to light up….

In reality what occurred was a gradual setting of the sun against a crystal clear sky.  If anything it was too clear and the sky need quite matched up to the promise… you always need a bit of cloud and there was none.

Anyway I managed this shot.  Certainly on the dark side, but lovely colour rendition from the Fujifilm X-M1 I customarily use for my landscape work and the new lens performed well enough to warrant another trip out at some point.


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