Joanne & Iain

Fujifilm X-E2, XF35mm @ f1.8, 1/125th sec, ISO-1600. Also used EF-X20 flash, manual mode @ 1/64th power.

The wedding of Joanne and Iain was a wonderful affair for them and their guests and equally so for me photographing my first ‘proper’ wedding. It had been a long day, beautifully sunny and bright – too bright really – but this image came towards the end of the day – for me at least.  I really wanted to capture the day start to finish and you can see more of the images from the day in the gallery opposite.

In all, 1650 images were captured with 3-cameras; my X-E2,  X-Pro1 and the X-M1.  I used 4-lenses; my XF-18mm, XF-35mm f/1.4, XF-60mm and finally my wonderful Samyang 12mm for some lovely wide shots of the church ceremony.  The majority of my images were taken with the 35mm lens; this is really a very beautiful lens built for the documentary photography I am attempting to achieve.  I also managed to capture some lovely images using a flash.  I have used flash before with mixed results and I confess that this is not my forte as a rule, but needs must; the sun was as good as gone by the time this image was captured and the only available light with provided by the disco lights on the dance floor.

I’m really pleased with this image and indeed with a whole range of images captured later on in the day.  The flash has worked brilliantly in my assessment with a very natural exposure offered up as in the image above.  Iain and Joanne take centre stage on the dance floor as their guests clap and cheer them through their first dance together.  The lighting appears quite well spread and consistent with no significant blowing out of detail.

So many congratulations Mr & Mrs Taylor.  May your marriage be long, blessed and happy and I sincerely hope that my images will long bring joy to you as you grow old together!


2 thoughts on “Joanne & Iain

  1. Martin, you did an amazing job on Saturday. The images you captured are truly wonderful, both Iain and I had such a great day knowing that you were there to capture every moment. You worked extremely hard all day and I am confident this is the start of a wonderful new career for you. Much love xx


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