Dancing Queens..!

Fujifilm X-E2, 35mm f/1.4, 1/250th sec, ISO-200, Exp Comp +0.3 step.

On Friday I was doing a small favour to my friends in About Coffee.  Their milkman was retiring after many years serving the community and they wanted some images of him on his last delivery.  So I was on with this when from across the road the landlord at the Duke of Lancaster pub asked to speak with me about doing some images of a fund-raising event he was running for Prostrate Cancer awareness.  As it happens the landlord actually thought I was somebody else!  Anyway once I explained who I was he asked if I was available the following day as there was to be two specific things he wanted recording; firstly one of his regulars was going to have a major haircut and also there would be a performance by a local girls dance school ‘Stevie D’s’.  Never one to pass up an opportunity I agreed to meet the following day, camera at the ready and see what we would get.

The shoot was good fun and rewarding.  I captured lots of images of the girls, there is a gallery opposite if you want to see some more. It was an ideal shoot really.  The girls and their families and friends too busy to go ‘camera-shy’ on me, lots of opportunities to carry out candid shots in a pub with lots going on and with the consent of the landlord.

I used my favorate camera combo of the X-E2 with it’s wide-tracking focus abilities added to Fuji’s excellent low-light abilities married to the XF35mm f/1,4 which has served me so well this summer at numerous events.  The girls were great.  They danced well of course but also when I wanted posed images I got them and when I wanted candid I got that as well. I managed images of the dancing – although it is true that the Fuji systems one weakness – certainly on the older bodies I am using – is that they don’t do ‘action’ photography quite as well as some other systems.  Nonetheless I got some nice action shots and was able to capture some lovely candid images when they were resting, with their families and friends.

So in all a really worthwhile day.  The event passed off well, cash and awareness of an important health issue was raised and I added another gallery of images to my ever-expanding portfolio.


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