‘Sat Under the Table…’

Fujifilm X-E2, XF35mm @ f/1.4, 1/60th sec, ISO-1600.

One of the joys of photographing a wedding is the almost endless opportunities they present for engaging in candid photography.  As social events go, weddings have everything the photographer needs; people – all shapes, ages and sizes, engagement, an overall sense of occasion and a desire to make friends and have fun.  The guests will be dressed in their best, determined to put their best front on for the benefit of the newly-weds.  Best of all however is having permission to capture all of this for posterity. While I enjoy other genre of photography, I always have some sense of ‘stealing’ images in street photography or of ‘manipulating’ the image in the studio.  At a wedding people are just being people and for the most part are happy for you to capture their image, if only out of a sense of wanting to please their hosts as much as any actual desire to have a ‘picture taken’.  Most of the time, and if I’m doing my job correctly, they won’t even know I’m there, or be aware that I am the ‘official’ photographer.

My recent shoot at Kathryn and Alan’s wedding presented numerous opportunities for some lovely images.  This one is a case to point and one of my favorites.  I was sat taking a bit of a breather during the reception.  I already had more images from the day than I would know what to do with so was not too concerned that I might miss something at this late stage.  Anyway I then spotted the little girl, one of the young bridesmaids, sat under the table just across from where I was sat.  She was alone at first and sensing a picture waiting to be captured, I placed the camera down to her level and hit the shutter button.  The the boy then came into view and here we have the interaction between the two children – both it would appear quite unaware of the camera.  Was the girl playing hide and seek?  Or maybe just wanted, in her own way, a moment of quiet during what must for her felt like a very long day?  I don’t know. But I like this image for it’s quiet intimacy…


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