Fujifilm X-Pro 1, XF60mm @ f/2.4, 1/125th, ISO-320. Huddersfield UK, October 2016.

Mark asked me some time ago for some photo’s of himself he could use as he seeks a career in acting.  I am not a ‘model’ photographer as such but, as with so much I have done this year, there is a first time for everything and so I went across to Huddersfield to do some shots with him.  There is a gallery opposite where you can view a few of the images we got.

I like this one however.  I captured all of the images in colour – Pro Neg-H is my preferred choice on the X-Pro 1 (I would also use Classic Chrome but unfortunately this camera doesn’t have that particular film simulation).  In post capture edit however I do tend to reduce the overall colouration of any image right down to this very muted colouring that has, I think, a very aged ‘classic’ look of a colour image from the 30’s and 40’s.  Otherwise images are converted fully to monochrome through Adobe Elements.

Anyway I hope my adopted son likes his pictures!

Roxanne & David

Fujifilm X-E2, XF35mm f/1.4, 1/125th sec, ISO-1600.

An image from the wedding of Roxanne and David captured at St George the Martyr  C of E church, Preston in Lancashire.  This was a very lovely marriage of a wonderful couple in a really sumptuous old georgian church – as I understand it, the oldest ‘original’ church building in Preston. I love capturing the aisle shots like this one. There is happiness and joy in abundance, lots of faces, eye-contact and, what are now the ubiquitous ‘smart-phones’ capturing images as the couple pass by…

Anyway check out the gallery opposite for more images from this happy occasion and the only other thing to add is my very best wishes to both Roxanne and David for a happy and blessed marriage for many many years to come.

Dancing Queens..!

Fujifilm X-E2, 35mm f/1.4, 1/250th sec, ISO-200, Exp Comp +0.3 step.

On Friday I was doing a small favour to my friends in About Coffee.  Their milkman was retiring after many years serving the community and they wanted some images of him on his last delivery.  So I was on with this when from across the road the landlord at the Duke of Lancaster pub asked to speak with me about doing some images of a fund-raising event he was running for Prostrate Cancer awareness.  As it happens the landlord actually thought I was somebody else!  Anyway once I explained who I was he asked if I was available the following day as there was to be two specific things he wanted recording; firstly one of his regulars was going to have a major haircut and also there would be a performance by a local girls dance school ‘Stevie D’s’.  Never one to pass up an opportunity I agreed to meet the following day, camera at the ready and see what we would get.

The shoot was good fun and rewarding.  I captured lots of images of the girls, there is a gallery opposite if you want to see some more. It was an ideal shoot really.  The girls and their families and friends too busy to go ‘camera-shy’ on me, lots of opportunities to carry out candid shots in a pub with lots going on and with the consent of the landlord.

I used my favorate camera combo of the X-E2 with it’s wide-tracking focus abilities added to Fuji’s excellent low-light abilities married to the XF35mm f/1,4 which has served me so well this summer at numerous events.  The girls were great.  They danced well of course but also when I wanted posed images I got them and when I wanted candid I got that as well. I managed images of the dancing – although it is true that the Fuji systems one weakness – certainly on the older bodies I am using – is that they don’t do ‘action’ photography quite as well as some other systems.  Nonetheless I got some nice action shots and was able to capture some lovely candid images when they were resting, with their families and friends.

So in all a really worthwhile day.  The event passed off well, cash and awareness of an important health issue was raised and I added another gallery of images to my ever-expanding portfolio.

Louise & Adam

Fujifilm X-E2 & 35mm f/1.4 @ f/2.5, 1/125th sec, ISO-1600, EF-X20 flash @ 1/64th power.

I was asked to photograph the wedding reception of Louise and Adam, who had previously married in Malta a few weeks previously.  There is a gallery of images opposite.   The event was held at the Burnley Masonic Hall and was challenging in the sense that it was wholly indoors under artificial and at times, inadequate lighting.  It was the first occasion I was forced to resort to primarily flash photography, although one of the rooms used for the reception was bright enough to capture images without the need for flash; the image above however used the flash which I have to say, for a small unit is nonetheless a good little flash which I mounted to the camera via a side-bracket.   Anyway I was reasonably pleased with my efforts afterwards and the experience will I’m sure, hold me in good stead.

In the meantime, very best wishes to Louise and Adam, may your life together be happy and blessed in every good way.

Joanne & Iain

Fujifilm X-E2, XF35mm @ f1.8, 1/125th sec, ISO-1600. Also used EF-X20 flash, manual mode @ 1/64th power.

The wedding of Joanne and Iain was a wonderful affair for them and their guests and equally so for me photographing my first ‘proper’ wedding. It had been a long day, beautifully sunny and bright – too bright really – but this image came towards the end of the day – for me at least.  I really wanted to capture the day start to finish and you can see more of the images from the day in the gallery opposite.

In all, 1650 images were captured with 3-cameras; my X-E2,  X-Pro1 and the X-M1.  I used 4-lenses; my XF-18mm, XF-35mm f/1.4, XF-60mm and finally my wonderful Samyang 12mm for some lovely wide shots of the church ceremony.  The majority of my images were taken with the 35mm lens; this is really a very beautiful lens built for the documentary photography I am attempting to achieve.  I also managed to capture some lovely images using a flash.  I have used flash before with mixed results and I confess that this is not my forte as a rule, but needs must; the sun was as good as gone by the time this image was captured and the only available light with provided by the disco lights on the dance floor.

I’m really pleased with this image and indeed with a whole range of images captured later on in the day.  The flash has worked brilliantly in my assessment with a very natural exposure offered up as in the image above.  Iain and Joanne take centre stage on the dance floor as their guests clap and cheer them through their first dance together.  The lighting appears quite well spread and consistent with no significant blowing out of detail.

So many congratulations Mr & Mrs Taylor.  May your marriage be long, blessed and happy and I sincerely hope that my images will long bring joy to you as you grow old together!